The Great Oceanid

from The Art of Dying Well by Cytokine Storm

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children to my side
and lament your father's crimes
he put your sisters' arms in chains
hid your brothers from the light

from chaos your father came
and his malevolent reign must end
the godlings all stood quiet
only kronos gave reply

"gaia, grant my scythe
ensure the blade is fine
for the children that you hold dear
the old god must die"

"father my kin
cut at thy flesh
what must be done
i will be king"

will be king
will rule everything

kronos lay in hide
awaiting the signal to strike
gaia raised her hand
and kronos swung his scythe

uranus lay maimed
deposed and gelded by his child
from his blood the furies sprang
and the new king let out a cry

"gaia from this day will rise
your knees for all mankind
my reign for endure for the whole of time
but i'll keep my scythe"

"i am the king"

uranus - he replied
"your mother keeps secrets from you and your kind
destiny, all in time
your children will rise up and take what was mine"
gaia sighed, howled, and grieved
"though you answered in my time of need
like your father before he did fall
your name will not be remembered at all"

kronos - he roared
"grasping words from a eunuch and whore
your son not so weak
as a father who dares not speak"

and then kronos avowed to consume
his children not long after they left the womb
he kept his word, to the last
he devoured them all

save one


from The Art of Dying Well, released April 22, 2013


all rights reserved



Cytokine Storm Greensboro, North Carolina

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